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“Cluster House” celebrated 2nd anniversary with friends and partners

As a part of anniversary “Cluster House” signed Memorandum of Understanding with student organization “AIESEC” Nis and the Association “Collective for Systemic City Development”, which highlighted continues development intentions of the “Cluster House”.

Future development will intensify informing, networking and recruiting members, stronger promotion of cluster development in the Balkans, advocacy for clusters and associations in cooperation with the Council for Clusters and capacity building of cluster facilitators / managers, cluster management, government and support institutions.

Establishment and development of business projects that encourage youth entrepreneurship and vocational training will also be covered with future activities.

In period to come “Cluster House” will look for strategic partners who wish to support sustainable economic development in the region and Balkan cluster network.

“Cluster House” will continue to support “BRIDGE”, initiative for better business networking between Serbia and the EU countries, such as Denmark, Austria, Britain ...

Additional efforts will be made in finding systemic solutions to the strategic development of clusters in Serbia.

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(SRB) Applications for the Food Fair in Cologne until April 30

The Serbian Foreign Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA) has announced that the International Food Fair Anuga 2013 will be held in Cologne from October 5 to October 9. As stated, Serbia will present products at two national stands of 120 square meters in total this year. Companies from Serbia which want to participate in the Fair Anuga 2013 in Cologne can send applications to SIEPA by Tuesday, April 30, and the details can be found on the web site of this agency (www.siepa.gov.rs). Companies, entrepreneurs and business associations which deal with the production of finished and intermediate products in the area of the food industry can send their applications.