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Training on cluster-based internationalization and branding in Branicevski District

The Agro Cluster Homolje organized a set of trainings for organic food producers from Branicevski District. The introduction training on the topic cluster-based internationalisation and international marketing and branding has been delivered by Dr Danka Milojkovic, trainer and mentor of the Cluster House Training Centar in Požarevac City, on 22nd of December, 2017. The Agro Cluster Homolje is a member of the Cluster House BBS ClusNet since 2013. This project is supported by the Serbian Development Agency and implemented by the Agro Cluster Homolje as a lead partner and the Regional Chamber of Economy Požarevac. The Cluster is also a partner instituion on the three years EU funded project in the field of improvement of organic food production in Serbia with the aim of including Serbian food producers in the Italian food industry value chains.


The Cluster House in partnership with a group of private kindergarten „Teddy Bear“ from Nis City, initiated the innovative concept for creation of New Year gifts made by Serbian industrial and hand made products: food, beverage and toys.

The concept has been developed within the Cluster House volunteer project „THE RACE FOR THE SOUTHERN SERBIA ENTREPRENEURSHIP“ with the aim to promote domestic production of SMEs and to contribute the overall socio – economic development in the Southern Serbia.

The concept has been supported by well-known Serbian brands: YUMIS Nis, Bahus Paracin and Benlian Foods Nis, and Associations for the preservation of tradition „NIS WOMEN ACTIVE“ and „CHEERY“.

The LEDIB Cluster House Union is an author and a coordinator of the concept.

The overall aim is to develop the Serbian brand „CREATIVE NEW YEAR GIFTS MADE BY SERBIAN PRODUCTS“ which should be implemented in all Serbian kindergartens with the aim to improve awareness about Serbian values, tradition and customs between youngest and to support domestic production  for achieving the  sustainable socio-economic development in Serbia.

FRANCE CLUSTERS support the BBS ClusNet

The SMART Balkan Cluster Policy Declaration is promoted in the France
Clusters Newsletter with over 20.000 readers, with the aim to support
cooperation between clusters of respective cluster networks in France
and in the Balkan and Black Sea Region within the BBS ClusNet lead by
the Cluster House.


International Cluster Info n°132 - November.eml

BIZNIS KLASTER KLUB o energetskoj efikasnosti - 18.12.2017. Niš

Poštovani članovi, preduzetnici i prijatelji Kuće klastera,


ponedeljak 18.decembra u 14h u Trening centru Kuće klastera, ul. G.M.Lešjanina 52 u Nišu,

organizujemo BIZNIS KLASTER KLUB o energetskoj efikasnosti u malom biznisu.

Učesnici-voditelji kluba su>

-          gdin Najdan Vojinović, menadžer Klastera energetske efikasnosti juga Srbije i direktor firme MIDZOR Niš u oblasti uvođenja sistema kvaliteta i energetske efikasnosti i obnovljivih izvora energije i

-          gđa Vaska Vasić, direktorka građevinske firme KOLERIOKO Niš i stručnjak u oblasti izolacije i gradnje energetski pametnih zgrada.


Pridružite se našem klubskom druženju i diskusiji koja će Vam pomoći da štedeći energiju u svom biznisu generišete profit.


Štednja nije “ugasi sijalicu”, ima u štednji i nešto više!

Da Vaš mali biznis bude efikasniji i profitabilniji, vidimo se u ponedeljak pre povečerja na dan jedne od najvećih srpskih slava Sv. Nikole.


Molimo Vas da učešće prijavite na  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ili 065/5207121.

What would you tell women who decide to sail into entrepreneurship?


(Interview from Dr. Danke Milojkovic, Director of Cluster House for NetMagazin http://www.netmagazin.rs/index.php/intervjui/dr)

ENTERPRENEURSHIP is the best business that has chosen you.
Yes, you are chosen to create your future and create a better world. Imagine your idea which is happily buying by people because their life becomes easier and more beautiful. More entrepreneurs will create an entrepreneurial society in the South Serbia, unbeatable in the defense of independence and dignity. Is there anything better than a country of proud, happy and humane people?

Do not be afraid of the autonomy and responsibility that carries your own business, do not waste your time searching for the solutions that will be offered to you.

START with the adventure of entrepreneurship and transform your dream into the reality.

Cluster House is Your House of Entrepreneurship!
See you in an entrepreneurial society in the Southern Serbia!