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PCM-LFM training

Nis 9-11 February 2018

Leskovac 2-4 March 2018

Trainer: Dr. Danka Milojkovic, PM expert


One of activities within the framework of the program THE RACE FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL SOUTHERN SERBIA, important for the internationalization of the business of the South of Serbia

Visit of H.E Mr. Anders Christian Hougård, Ambassador of the Danish Embassy in Belgrade, accompanied by Mr. Nenad Mitosevic, Economic Consul and Mr. Boško Šukilović, Secretary, was realized in the mediation of the Nis Cluster House on Friday, January 26th.
The Roundtables on cooperation between Denmark and Southern Serbia were held in Nišava Administrative District under the leadership of Mrs. Draga Sotirovki, chief of Nisava District and in the City of Leskovac under the leadership of Mr. Goran Cvetanovic, mayor of the City of leskovac. The Training Center for Youth Entrepreneurship and Clusters, a re-donation of the House Cluster, was opened in Leskovac the same day.

Photo gallery is available on the following links:

DK Ambassador in Nisava District Administration 26.1.2018

DK Ambassador in Higher Business School in Leskovac 26.1.2018

DK Ambassador in Leskovac City 26.1.2018


This article is fully available only in Serbian language. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

DK - Southern Serbia Bridge

In the framework of the programme "The Race for the Entrepreneurial Southern Serbia", the Cluster House Nis in partnership with the Epus-Activator Cluster and the Higher Business School in Leskovcu, is organizing meetings between the Danish Embassy and businesses in Niš and Leskovac.
The hosts of the Round Tables on "Cooperation between Denmark and Southern Serbia" are the Nisava Administrative District and the Leskovac City Mayor Office.
The aim is to find distributional channels and market for the Southen Serbian companies in Denmark and attract Danish investors to the Southern Serbia.
The participants at the round tables will be cluster actors: representatives from public, business and academia.
After succesful implementation of two largest Danish programs in the Southern Serbia: LEDIB and F&B, the new mechanism for DK-RS collaboration is focused on exporters and investors.
During the visit to Leskovac, H.E. Danish Ambassador will open at the Higher Business School premises the "Training Centar for Youth Entrepreneurship and Clusters", a subject of the Cluster House donation to thr School as an activity of the programe "The Race for Entrepreneurial Southern Serbia".
This matchmaking evet is oprn only for the Cluster House members and stakeholders.

Break news

For 10 years the GDP was duplicated thanks to the implementation of the Cluster Development Concept in Catalonia!
Minister of Economy Mr. Antoni Subir (until 2003) initiated the development and growth of the economy in Catalonia in a timely manner, understanding the cluster concept as a way of thinking and acting for the sustainable economic development and growth of the country. He supported the establishment of the Global Tci Network the 20 years ago knowing that local action requires global thinking, advocated the internationalization of SMEs and the inclusion of SMEs in value chains for their empowerment, and contributed to the creation of world brands like Mango, Disigual ... Glory to you, Mr. Subir.


Export companies from the Southern Serbia for cooperation with Denmark

In the framework of "The Race for Entrepreneurial Southern Serbia" program and organization of visit of the DK Embassy delegation to Southern Serbia Cluster community 26th of January, the Cluster House with partners visited the 5 export companies from Leskovac: Paprika plus, Fungo-jug, Budućnost promet, Jugprom, Keramika. Those companies are recommended by the Higher Business School and Epus for meetings with the DK Embassy with the aim to set up cooperation with Denmark and contribute in youth employment.
The Cluster House mission will be continued by visiting of export companies in Nis and Nisava District.

Export companies from the Southern Serbia for cooperation with Denmark