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Javni pozivi za sadni materijal i opremu

Program F&B raspisao je dva nova poziva – Konkurs  za sadni materijal I Konkurs za opremu. Pozivi su objavljeni u Službenom Glasniku Republike Srbije br. 117 od 12.12.2012. i takodje, biće objavljeni u Narodnom Novinama u petak, 21.12.2012.
Krajnji rok za prijavu po oba Konkursa je 15. Februar 2013.


Jednodnevni trening Kuće klastera i AC Srbija

U izvođenju  Klastera AC Srbija, a uz tehničku podrušku Kuće Klastera organizuje se besplatni jednodnevni trening (Train the Trainer) na temu, CSR-Društveno odgovorno poslovanje.

Trening će se održati u sredu 26.12.2012 godine, u prostorijama male sale RPK Niš, Dobrička 2.

Molimo sve zainteresovane da se jave na telefon 018/522-120 ili na mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Agendu treninga možete pogledati OVDE.

XX New Year’s Business Cluster Club

Dear Partners of the Cluster House,

Throughout 2012, we have worked hard, achieved numerous outstanding results and therefore we deserve a long break!

The Cluster House management decided for vacation to begin after the XX New Year’s Business Cluster Club that is going to be entirely dedicated to the youngest ones – children of our entrepreneurs! This Business Cluster Club is our jubilee and is scheduled for December 27, 2012, at 12:00, premises of BIC Nis, Sumadijska 1 (MIN Holding).

Our well-deserved vacation starts on December 28, 2012 and lasts till January 20, 2013.

The first working day in the next year is going to be Monday, January 21, 2013.

Thank you in advance for your understanding!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Cluster House at “Business Base” Trade Fair in Belgrade

Business Base Fair is meant to be a place for business meetings through which small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs (SMEEs) share information and negotiate forms of future cooperation. It is organized every year, upon the initiative of Belgrade Fair and National Agency for Regional Development – NARD, with the network of regional agencies and centres throughout Serbia.


“Social-economic Developmet of the Danube Serbia Region” Call for Project Proposals

Within the Social-economic Development of the Danube Serbia Region Project financed by the EU IPA funds, on November 16, 2012, a public call was announced for financing proposals within the following priorities: