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ESCA & Cluster House collaboration for cluster excellence in Serbia

ESCA, as a part of the EU efforts to create more world-class clusters across the EU by strengthening cluster excellence, is a network of cluster experts from more than 30 countries world-wide.

Within the framework of the 5th Romanian Cluster Conference „Clusters as Drivers for Value Chain Development across the Danube Region”, initiated by the ClusteRo, from 5-6 October 2016 in Galati, with the aim to offer practical advice to cluster management organizations based in the Republic of Serbia on its accession to EU, ESCA expresses its serious intention to deepen the cooperation with Cluster House. The aim of the joint collaboration between ESCA and Cluster House focusses on two areas in the Republic of Serbia:

  1. to promote cluster management excellence through benchmarking and quality labelling of clusters and cluster management organizations. ESCA has been mandated by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI) to organize the assessment process.
  2. to support cluster policy makers and program owners with advice on cluster program development.

It is a serious intention of ESCA, officially confirmed by the Expression of Interest signed in January 9, 2017, to enable Cluster House to take over a stronger role in Cluster Development in Serbia.

Considering the fact that Serbia had five bronze labeled clusters in 2012-2013 and due to the continual absence of systematic national and regional cluster development approach, the five bronze labeled clusters were not re-certificated. Currently Serbia has no clusters that are eligible for access to the COSME cluster-based calls for project proposals and Serbia is a fully eligible partner-country to the EU COSME Program. Collaboration between the ESCA and the Cluster House will contribute to Serbian cluster community to meet the requirements for getting cluster excellence labels through promotion and understanding of significant of the cluster excellence labeling system.