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the next gathering place of the Cluster House Balkan and Black Sea Cluster Family

Important dates

Submissions open:                                        1 Decemb 2017
Submissionsclose:                                          12 January 2018
Notificationforselectedpresenters:        31 January 2018

Themed“Turning challenges into opportunities”, TCI Europeanconference in Sofia will provide opportunities to engage with the full set of issues relevant for more effective cluster-based efforts, whether you are a policy maker, a manager of a cluster program, or a cluster initiative manager.

Bulgaria’s Presidency of the EU Council in 2018 will be an opportunity to connect with discussions at the TCI European Conference in Sofia with the broader debate about:

  • Where EU cluster policies needs to go?
  • How can we draw on common learning but also respond to unique local needs?
  • What is the right approach to achieve broader impact while remaining anchored in the core cluster dynamics?

You will find new learnings and, maybe even more importantly, new contacts to help tackle the yet unknown challenges of the future together.Leading experts and practitioners from Europe, Americas and Asia will share insights and addressthe role that clusters play and the policy agendas and business dynamics necessary to face the challenges of the creative economy.


The TCI European Conference 2018 is a chance to expand the Worldwide knowledge and understanding about the entire Balkan region and neighbouring countries, about active and successful cluster networks, economy development and future plans for clusters co-operation.


The conference is organized by Sofia Minicpality in co-operation with the Association of Business Clusters of Bulgaria and Consluting Cluster Veritas on behalf of TCI Network, the main global network of organizations and people active in the field of clusters and competitiveness support.  The Balkan Cluster House with the BBS ClusNet, the Balkan Cluster and the CZ-RS SME Trade Bridge, is a conference supporting organizaion.


The conference organizers expect to have around 400 participants from over 50 countries, mainly government and development agencies officials, cluster managers and facilitators, academics, companies active in strategic sectors, consultants and experts from multilateral organizations.


You can register to be part of this forum and find more information about the conference program and the open call for proposals on www.tci-europe2018.comandcontact for further support on mailto: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

See you  Cluster House Family and Friends in Sofia – city of clusters in Europe in 2018!