History of Nis

Dear Madam/Sir,

‘’KOP ’’ production, under the auspices of the City of Niš, has started an immensely significant project – TV series ‘’The History of Niš’’.

The series is comprised of 15 episodes. Each of the episodes will cover relevant time and historic period (prehistory, period under Turkish governance, period between two world wars….) of the City. Along standard narration produced and based on historical facts relevant for each of the periods, many renowned (national and foreign) experts – historians, archeologists, researchers – will take part in creation of the History of Niš. Furthermore, advanced computer programs will help to reconstruct certain events, objects, way of living in a concrete historic period. This series will provide abundance of documentary photos and footages that will be presented to broader audience for the first time.

Tv series ‘’The History of Niš’’is designed for the broadest audience, and its way of presentation and visual expression will be adapted to it. From production standpoint, the standards applied will match the existing BBC/National Geographic/History Channel level. Complete production will be done in the most sophisticated 4K resolution.

Successful realization of the project is ensured by the team involved in it. The screenwriter is Dejan Stoiljkovic, recognized and awarded Serbian novelist and screenwriter. Significant support will also be provided by the team of historians, curators of National Museum and archeologists and researchers directly engaged in work on relevant locations. The director is Boban Rajkovic, awarded TV and documentary film maker. The producer of the series is Dragan Videnovic, one of the best known Niš journalists. Borivoje Caba Mladenovic creates music for the series.

As an added value to the project, we emphasize the role of one of our most prominent national actors, Tanasije Uzunovic, who will be the narrator and host throughout this glorious historical journey.


Furthermore, along 15 TV episodes, a special 2 hour program will be produced and presented at Niš Film festival. This special program entails entire historical development of the City.

The series will be broadcast on television but will also be available on flash memories and discs, and it will represent a precious gift or a souvenir. Along the version in Serbian, a version in English will also be produced.

The project ‘’History of Niš’’ represents an ultimate effort that will depict extremely rich and valuable history to both national and international audience. It will present Niš in best possible light and will contribute to City’s affirmation nationally and globally. It will clearly demonstrate the values of its historic and culture heritage which represents huge but unused tourism potential of the City.

Every support to this project, due to its long term relevance and size, represents an act of undisputable social responsibility. In addition to that, the team of the project will provide our partners and supporters many promotional opportunities not only during making of the series but also during its broadcasting.

We are looking forward to our partnership and successful cooperation.

For any additional info, please contact CLUSTER HOUSE INFO CENTAR via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it