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Forestry Department Human Resources Capacity Strengthening Project Sucesfully Completed in Montenegro

In cooperation with FODEMO Project Office in Montenegro, the Cluster House Training Center has sucessfully completed the implementation of a two-month Forestry Department Human Resources Capacity Strengthening Project, a part of IPA Project Support to Capacity Strengthening in Forestry Sector.

Within FODEMO Project Support to Capacity Strengthening in Forestry Sector, numerous activities were implemented and they strengthened the capacities of state forestry institutions. The  main goal of FODEMO Projects is contribution to the National Strategy of Sustainable Development of Montenegro by integrating principles of sustainable development into forestry policy and other significant documents. Support to Capaity Strengthening in Forestry Sector Project completely fits into this framework, as it focuses on capacity strengthening of institutions in forestry sector, in order to establish efficient systems in forestry management contributing to implementation of key EU standards for environmental protection, social and econonmic policies and regulations in the area of forestry products trade.







From June to August 2012 at the central unit of Forestry Department, 23 trainings from four key areas f building and development of human resources in organization have been implemented. Four memebers of the Cluster House Team  worked on creating the training curriculum to fit the need of the Department, adjusted to needs, preferences and existing knowledge of employees, and implementation of 28 training days with 95 participants. The best results are transfer of knowledge that was well accepted, constructive discussions of participants with conclusions and positive feedback information on the topics and their applicability in daily operations. During the evaluation in the last days of the Project, there were written and oral tests for the participants. After sucessfully passing the tests, participants got diplomas signed by Human Resources Department and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro.

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